• Matt

Eaton Motorsports

Some say his fleet of cars is but a mirage, and that all his legs are hydraulic. All we know is his name is Dave Eaton of Eaton Motorsports!

Dave has been a loyal NEDE member for quite some time and does in fact have an impressive fleet of cars. With his company Eaton Motorsports, Dave supports NEDE members and car enthusiasts the world over.

Founded in 2018 and based out of Madison, CT, Eaton Motorsports has grown quickly and services customers across the United States and internationally. Starting as a husband and wife team, Eaton Motorsports has been constantly expanding and is now a six person team with new team members added frequently. The A.I. claiming to be Dave said to us in a short interview that they are "Focused on helping our customers through first hand knowledge that we've gained and the strong support group of others that we know in the industry." You won't find a better customer service department than the incredibly knowledgeable and friendly crew at Eaton Motorsports.

The company is focused on performance applications with a strength on road course cars. While initially starting with BMW and Subaru, Eaton Motorsports can now service customers with almost any brand.

Eaton Motorsports started mostly focused on brakes and brake systems, they have expanded to offer most anything from fluids to short or long blocks, coilovers, turbos, safety equipment, and they are beginning to add more OEM items as well.

Members of NEDE know Dave well, and his knowledge and industry insight are a boon for all of us. We are incredibly thankful to have Eaton Motorsports as an official New England Driving Enthusiasts Partner, and look forward to working together even more in the near future!

For product offerings and support, please go check out Eaton Motorsports at EatonMotorsports.com or head to their Facebook page here.